The continuously increasing requirements of the modern IT market and the executive’s desire of TerzakisNet, that is active in the area of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure from 1990, to offer a complete coverage of customer’s needs with advanced services, led to the creation a flexible and dynamic company.

    The constant policy of TerzakisNet is the offer of vertical services to customers that start from the correct information, extend development of essential application studies and continue with the installation and maintenance services.

     TerzakisNet allocates the required know-how in order to fulfil the high end requirements needed to honour the obligations it undertakes. Many years of experience reflects in the company’s expertise as well as the continuous past involvement in complex projects and the good relations with major companies and vendors.


     The solutions and the products that TerzakisNet offers are addressed to the private and public sector as well to the traditional and new telecommunications companies and institutions, that operate wired and wireless communications networks in  order to offer upgraded and new broadband services like voice and data networks of public administration, private enterprises, banks and other institutions.

    TerzakisNet offers completed solutions like:

  • Complete Telecommunications Systems
  • Telephony and Internet  Solutions
  • Network Infrastructures (Wired and Wireless)
  • Optical fibres Networks
  • DSLAM- METRO Installations
  • Configuration of collocation spaces for telecommunication organisations including the set up of the corresponding active equipment
  • Completed Building Security Systems
  • Electromechanical Installations
  • Electrical Equipment, Floorings, roofs etc